10th & 11th March 2020
The Business Design Centre, London

Health 2.0 Innovation & Demo Theatre

Who Should Attend

The Wearable Disrupt Main Stage addresses the big themes and innovations taking place in wearable technology and connected devices.The keynote stage is free to attend and open to delegates who want to understand the current landscape for wearables and where they are headed.Ideal for
  • C Level executives, Senior IT Decision Makers, Industry leaders, Distributors, Retailers, Investors, Start ups, Developers, Press
  • What You Will Hear

    The Disrupt Main Stage is the ideal platform for global brands to present their strategy, latest product announcements and vision for a wearable & connected future. It offers two days of insights, product previews and the very latest advances in technology, presented by some of the leading thinkers in the field of connected devices. This is a unique opportunity to hear from innovators and leading companies from around the globe.
    Themes: Future of, Brain Imaging, Transforming Healthcare, VR to Ease Pain, Insurers Promoting Healthcare
    Track Host: Address & Welcome
    Keynote Panel: Which Devices are the Future of Healthcare?
    Making a difference - Our panel share current, new and upcoming successful innovations in a variety of areas within the healthcare sector, including:

    • Prosthetics
    • 3D Printing
    • Better learning
    • Medical devices
    10:10am Break
    Genomics: The Discovery Explosion
    How sequencing programmes are the affordable future.
    Transforming Healthcare
    Our panellists discuss how innovative digital technology is transforming healthcare

    • MRI scanning techniques
    • Technology available for hospitals
    • Medical Imaging
    • Data driven futures

    12:05pm Lunch
    A Healthy Incentive?
    Should insurance companies entice customers to be healthier? How can this be approached? What are the limits?

    1:40pm Break
    Product Demos
    2.00 – 2.15
    2.15 – 2.30
    2.30 – 2.45
    2.45 – 3.00

    3.30 – 3.45
    3.45 – 4.00
    4.00 – 4.15
    4.15 – 4.30
    Show Closes
    Themes: Health Engagement, Sleep, Mindfulness Therapies
    Opening Keynote: Let’s Get Engaged – Personalising Care for Patients
    Hear how discovering lifestyle context of patients can assist in tailoring care, and help to drive personalised digital health engagement.
    Keynote Panel: Apps in Healthcare
    Is there a future for apps in healthcare? Our team of panellists discuss future technologies which will improve workflows.
    11:15am Break
    11.30am Sleep Health
    Your Best Rest – Does Sleep Tech really help?
    With more news and statistic being released on how sleep is connected to our health.

    Our panel discusses the sleep revolution, and the important role of this technology within our ever-stimulated, sleep-deprived world.


    Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Psychologist

    Sleep Fireside Chat

    Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

    1:00pm Lunch
    Keynote: The Mindfulness Movement - Wearables
    Are smartphones and wearables the most successful tools for Mindfulness? How complimentary are these tools to the practice?

    3:15pm Break
    Show Closes

    See the future of healthcare and learn about the latest disruptive
    technology transforming the medical sector at The
    Digital Health Technology Show 2018

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